This episode of Fatherhood Voices focuses on the journey of Carly Pinchin, a mother navigating the transition from being married to becoming a single parent and co-parenting successfully. Carly shares her personal experience of recognizing the need for separation from her husband to ensure her children grow up with a healthier understanding of relationships. She discusses the initial realization, the decision to separate, and the challenges and successes of co-parenting. The episode also delves into the impact of one’s upbringing on their parenting style, the decision-making process regarding separation, and the importance of setting a positive example for one’s children. Throughout the episode, the discussion also touches on finding strength in vulnerability, the journey towards self-discovery post-separation, and the significance of communication in co-parenting. This heartfelt narrative offers insights into breaking toxic cycles, embracing change, and fostering a loving, supportive environment for children post-separation.

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