A Deep Dive into Relationships and Healing with Sara Fakhraei

In this episode of Fatherhood Voices, host Edward engages in a profound conversation with Sara Fakhraei, a coach and therapist who doesn’t conform to traditional therapeutic labels. Initially reflecting on personal freedom experienced around her grandfather, Sara delves into the importance of childlike curiosity and authenticity. She shares her journey from pursuing academia to embracing a holistic approach combining spirituality, meditation, and Reiki. The discussion navigates through the impacts of parental relationships on personal development and approaches to addressing and transcending familial challenges. Sara emphasizes the need for self-awareness, understanding, and communication within relationships, advocating a heart-centered approach to healing and personal growth. The conversation offers insights into creating safe spaces for emotional expression and growth for both parents and children, ultimately aiming towards breaking cycles of toxicity and evolving towards healthier familial dynamics.

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