Laughter & Learning: A Pharmacist’s Take on Fatherhood and Healing

In this edition of Fatherhood Voices, the guest Corey Jenks, a pharmacist, author, comedian, and professional speaker from Tucson, Arizona, shares his unique journey of fatherhood intertwined with his professions. Jenks discusses the influence of his family’s background in education and work ethic on his diversified career path, including his approach to parenting, managing diabetes through lifestyle changes, and utilizing comedy in healthcare communication and parenting. Corey speaks candidly about his experiences growing up, his belief in setting a strong foundation for his kids, and the importance of being present as a father. He further explores how his work in pharmacology and personal parenting experiences inspired him to write a humorous yet insightful book aimed at newish dads, ‘I Guess I’m a Dad Now.’ The podcast delves into themes of parental expectations, the balance between discipline and allowing children independence, the impact of nutrition on behavior, and the crucial role of personal self-care for fathers. Corey’s story is a call to fathers for introspection and growth, emphasizing the significance of applying one’s passions and lessons learned to raise the next generation.

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